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Zak Storm Sino Island Action Figure Playset

Zak Storm Sino Island Action Figure Playset


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Recreate favorite Sino Island action scenes and invent new swash buckling stories with this 3-level set, featuring multiple play areas and icy blue details. Brr, shiver me timbers! The set comes with a Sino Zak action figure and shield accessory, so you can have battling fun right out of the box! It also includes one collectible treasure coin with unique QR code. Scan the code to unlock digital rewards in the free downloadable Zak Storm Super Pirate app! When you collect and scan coins, you receive weapons, powers, health, and more cool loot to level up your gameplay and help you progress in the mobile game. Want to expand the storytelling fun with Zak & his crew of lovable misfits? Check out all the Zak Storm figures and playsets! Also be sure to check out episodes of Zak Storm where players can earn in-app rewards just for watching.

Zak Storm is a connected mobile play experience, so you can WATCH, PLAY, and LEVEL UP. Watch all the episodes, play with Zak Storm toys and level-up your mobile gaming play by downloading the exciting Zak Storm Super Pirate mobile game to unlock awesome rewards — and become the ultimate Super Pirate!

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