Spider-Man: Far from Home Concept Series Glider Gear 6" Action Figure


  • $21.99


6-Inch scale glider gear Spider-Man figure with flip out wings– in his winged spider-suit, Peter Parker gets a bird's eye view of villains on the move. Imagine web-slinging adventures with this Spider-Man figure, inspired by Spider-Man: far from home. Movie-based character-inspired wings – activate the wing pack on the back of this 6-inch-scale Spider-Man action Figure, inspired by the Spider-Man: far from home movie. Press button on wing pack to make wings flip out and lock in place!

Spider-Man movie-inspired design – kids can imagine action-packed scenes from the Spider-Man: far from home movie with this Spider-Man action Figure, featuring movie-inspired design and details.
Product Weight (1.6 ounces )
For Ages 4+

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